El Paraíso del Burro

How to get there

Route to the Donkey Paradise:

1 - From Oviedo: N-634 in Arobes, turn left, asphalted road up hill
1 - From Arriondas: N-634 in Arobes, turn right, asphalted road up hill

2 - after 300m 3-way junction, straight on/left (asphalted road up hill, ignore turn to Barribaxu)
3 - after 30m washing place/wash basins El Caspiu, pass washing place on left side (asphalted road up hill)
4 - after 80m 4-way junction, turn right (asphalted road up hill dir. San Roque, Cortina, La casina
5 - after 30m Y-junction, turn left (asphalted road up hill)
6 - after 60m 3-way junction, straight on/left (ignore concrete road right)
7 - after 80m  3-way junction, right/straight on asphalted road up hill (keep church on left hand)
8 - after 150m Y-junction, turn left (asphalted road up hill)
9 - after 110m Y-junction, turn left, (asphalted road up hill)
10 - after 330m 3-way junction, turn left, concrete road slightly up hill dir. El Rical
11 - after 350m parking space Donkey Paradise on left hand
12 - go straight on without car, pass the first iron gate after 30m (close the gate please)
13 - after 150m, pass the second iron gate (close this one as well please)
14 - you are now in the heart of the Donkey Paradise!

route map