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El Paraíso del Burro

Adopted donkeys

A few of our younger and healthier donkeys are available for adoption. If you are thinking of adopting a donkey, we always prefer that you adopt two donkeys together, as donkeys are social animals who are not happy living alone. You must bear in mind that a donkey needs shelter from inclement weather and should not be kept as a “grass mower”. Donkeys should not eat too much fresh green grass and their diet should be supplemented with straw and hay. We also request a donation to this charity.

If you are interested in adopting one of our donkeys, please feel free to contact us.

Cora and Rebecca were originally rescued in poor conditions in Cantabria and brought to live at the Paraiso del Burro with another 3 donkeys. They now have a lovely new home together at Fontebona in Pilona.

Cora and Rebecca

Yonas is a young grey donkey about six years of age, and of course he has a lot of energy. He is the most dominant of the donkeys.