El Paraíso del Burro

General information

How to become a volunteer at El Paraíso del Burro


Dear volunteer-to-be,

Thank you for your volunteer application for "El Paraíso del Burro", through Workaway or our website. First of all I want to inform you about helping in this animal sanctuary.

It's not a place where we care for the donkeys and other animals only 5 days a week, but of course all 7 weekdays. Therefore volunteers in El Paraíso work 6 days instead of 5. Also our working days will usually be a bit more than 5 hours a day, spread out over the day. You are expected to stay for at least a month, so that you will have enough time to get to know the animals and the daily routine.

Cleaning out poos from the stables forms a big part of our work. Also there is a kitchen garden to be maintained and apple trees that need to be pruned. Wood must be chopped for the stove, the house has to be kept tidy, repairs must be done and someone needs to cook.

Volunteering here is not a sinecure. At the end of the day you will be tired. Read the blog stories of volunteers that came before you. It is much more than just cuddling a donkey! So, do you still want to apply?

If yes, please continue your application. I will be happy to welcome you in our team.


We have a Welcome Pack (pdf, 4mb) with more information about volunteering here

If you are interested in volunteering at El Paraíso del Burro, send us an e-mail and we will contact you as soon as possible: We currently use HelpX and Workaway but also welcome volunteers from other organisations or sources such as Animal Jobs Direct.

El Paraíso del Burro welcomes volunteers from a broad and diverse social and cultural background. We are always eager to learn about different cultures and share our knowledge and skills with each other. The main languages used at the sanctuary are: Spanish, Dutch and English.


Our food is cooked, served and shared communally and is vegetarian. All food is provided. Access to the main house is possible and here you will find kitchen facilities, toilet facilities, a small library and Internet access. A small parking area is available at the entrance to the Donkey Paradise.



People celebrating a birthday with a walk to the Recreation Area for a picnic with some donkeys. June 2016.


Dinnertime, 06/2009

The Accommodation

Our volunteers usually stay near the main house and stables in caravans overlooking our beautiful finca (the land) and we also have a small campsite where you can pitch a tent.


One of the caravans at El Paraíso del Burro, 06/2009